Business Theses: Cap off Your Studies and Interest Your Readers
January 18th, 2012

Your business thesis will round out your graduate coursework, or in some instances, cap your undergraduate studies. The choice of topics for business theses will inevitably be shaped in large part by the specialized courses you have taken, and the professors your have worked with most closely. However, you can use the writing of a thesis in business school to make yourself a ticket to job opportunities after you graduate. Here are some ideas on accomplishing this.
Flattery through business theses
You are presumably, by this stage of your degree program, already officially pursuing some subspecialty. This implies that you are acquainted with “your” faculty, whether in Finance, Accounting, Economics, Operations Management, or other concentrations.
Use their research to spark an idea for a business thesis topic that you can be sure will interest and engage at least one of them. Check out the recent or not-so-recent publications of the faculty in your department and specialty. As you read them, ask yourself:

  • Can the ideas in the work be applied to a different industry or setting?
  • Is there an aspect that the author mentions as not having been addressed that could be examined?
  • Was this written so long ago that an update is a legitimate, perhaps even welcome, contribution to the field?

Mine the news for ideas for business theses
If you choose a topic that has hit the media recently, you know that your readers will be intrigued. Scan the business news for mega-stories that illustrate a major issue, for example:

  1. Rupert Murdoch’s News of the World privacy ethics fiasco. What does this tell us about corporate governance, corporate culture, and corporate communication?
  2. Google’s stalled effort to digitize every book. What does this tell us about communication with various stakeholders?
  3. Wal-Mart’s personnel policies. Are current practices the only way to achieve similar profits? What are the impacts of such practices in the rest of the marketplace?
  4. British Petroleum’s Gulf oil leak
  5. What quality control measures could have helped to prevent it?

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History Thesis Topics to Help Students Score High Marks
January 5th, 2012

Theses in history have no shortage of topics to choose from; however, sometimes the sheer volume of research and subject matter available to history students can be overwhelming. Students who need to write history theses benefit from choosing topics that remain relatively unknown among scholars.
While there may be less research on these types of topics, the opportunity to make a lasting and noticeable contribution to research remains much greater as opposed to topics that many scholars have already covered. Consider the following list of thesis in history topics as a jumping off point:

  • Write a history thesis about the history of the European interest in Mount Everest as an adventure destination for avid mountaineers, and contrast it with the Nepalese, Chinese and Tibetan history of the mountain.
  • Write a history thesis about the political prisoners exiled to some of the lesser known historical penal colonies in several locations such as Botany Bay in Australia, Bermuda, Van Diemen’s Land in Tasmania, and the Hijli Detention Camp in India.
  • Write a history thesis about the male victims of several witch trials, especially those conducted in Russia during the 17th century.
  • Write a history thesis about how the experiences of orphans from the 17th century in Europe until now have changed, or conversely, stayed the same. History theses can be very intriguing when they point to a certain area of human experience that appears impervious to change.
  • Choose a period of history considered highly sexually conservative such as the period during the Middle Ages or the Victorian period and research the history of birth control during this period. History theses can be exciting to write when they uncover misconceptions about certain periods of history.

Also, write a history thesis about the history of tattoos and piercings in a number of ancient cultures.
Write a history thesis about the history of reconstructive surgery and plastic surgery beginning in the Egyptian period. Write a comprehensive history thesis about the desertification of the Aral Sea, beginning in mid-19th century and ending with the completion of the dam in 2005.

Child Labor Thesis: Hits on Choosing a Thesis Topic
July 6th, 2011

Writing a child labor thesis begins with choosing a topic. There are many important aspects which you may study in your paper. In this article, we offer you some ideas on what to write about in a child labor thesis.
There are two possible dimensions for a child labor thesis:

  1. Historical
  2. Contemporary

Below, they are considered in detail.
Child Labor Thesis: Historical Dimension
Child labor was very widespread for many centuries throughout the world. Countries which now have got a status of developed also were hotbeds of using child labor. You may investigate different aspects in your child labor thesis, for example:

  • What was the extent of using child labor was in England/USA/another country?
  • What were economical and social causes of using child labor in England/USA/another country?
  • What were economical and social effects of using child labor in England/USA/another country?

Child Labor Thesis: Nowadays
Though the majority of states have stopped using child labor, this form of exploitation still takes place in some countries. If you want to devote your child labor thesis to a problem of using child labor in our days, you may focus on the following issues:

  1. Economical and social causes of using child labor in African/Asian countries
  2. Perception of child labor by local cultures
  3. Children’s participation in show business: a form of exploitation?
  4. Child pornography: ways to stop a felony.
  5. International struggle to use of child labor.

Child Labor Thesis: Searching Information
To carry out a research in your child labor thesis, you will need the following information:
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A Good Thesis Statement and Its Main Signs
January 18th, 2010

a good thesis statementHave you ever counted how many essays you had to write? For every class, every teacher asks to write at least one essay. What is more, every teacher has own requirements and vision of a good essay.
Yet, there is one common thing between all teachers and their standards for students’ essays. A good essay should have a good thesis statement. This is what almost all students find complicated about writing essays.
Indeed, creating a good thesis statement might be tricky. However, if you know the main signs of a good thesis statement, it will not be a problem for you. You are lucky to hit upon this article, because here we list them.
A good thesis statement: sign 1
As a rule, each time teachers assign an essay, they provide some prompt or a question that a student should answer in the essay. Your thesis should address and answer this question.
A good thesis statement: sign 2
How long do you think a thesis statement should be? Actually, the answer hides in this word “statement”. A statement is something short and precise.
In other words, a good thesis statement should be about a sentence (maximum two) long, specific, and clear.
A good thesis statement: sign 3
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A Thesis Abstract: A Brief Summary of a Long Project
August 17th, 2009

thesis abstractDo you know what part of your thesis project will be read first? No, it is not an introduction or any other section of your thesis if this is what you think. It is a thesis abstract, which in other words can be defined as a short summary of your paper.
This thesis abstract plays a significant role in the further destiny of your project. Particularly, it will influence the reader’s choice, whether your work is worth reading and studying.
So, take your thesis abstract seriously and use our recommendations for preparing effective thesis abstracts.
How long should a thesis abstract be?
Usually, thesis abstracts are 300 words long. Sometimes, they can be longer, but not more than 500 words. Anyway, better specify this issue with your advisor.
When should a thesis abstract be prepared?
It is better to write a thesis abstract after the whole project is ready. This is when you know everything about your work, its findings, significance, etc.
What information should be included into a thesis abstract?
In a few words, thesis abstracts include the most important info about your work. Yet, to be more specific, you should answer the following questions and include answers into your thesis abstract:

  • What research question or problem does the work address?
  • Why this question is important to answer?
  • How did you carry out your research?
  • What are your findings? Why are they important?

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Thesis Database
August 7th, 2009

thesis databaseIf you need to find some hints on writing a good thesis, the first source you may use, is a thesis database.
Do you know the essence of any thesis databases? Do you know their functions and the predestination of any thesis database? Well, in this article we will try to explain you how you can use a thesis database and describe you the purposes of any thesis database, which may be offered in the Internet.
As you may guess, a thesis database is a kind of archive, where a lot of different theses are kept. They were written by the students, professors (in fact, any person can write it) and saved in the necessary format. You may find the desirable work, if you know how.
In fact, there are a lot of different thesis databases, which may be used by the students. Such thesis databases are helpful for students for many reasons:

  • You may find interesting information for your own projects;
  • You may consult such works in order to get to know more about the structure and the style for your thesis;
  • You may even use necessary facts from those works in your writing;
  • You may find interesting literature sources, which can be useful for your work.

How should you use such thesis databases?
The thesis databases, which are presented in the Internet, are very easy to use. All you need is to point out the necessary keywords and run them through one of the searching engines.
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Strong Thesis Statement vs. Poor Thesis Statement
January 29th, 2009

thesis statementWe suppose you have heard a lot about the importance of a strong thesis statement. They say it is the first thing that the reader pays attention to. Well, we can even say that the reader interested in your paper will be looking for a thesis statement. After he/she finds and reads it, he/she will decide whether your work is worth further reading.
Obviously, you are not that confident about your abilities of composing strong thesis statements. You know, it is a problem for many students. However, we will help you learn to distinguish a strong thesis statement from a poor one.
First, let us discuss the basic characteristics of a strong thesis statement.
It introduces an insightful idea, not just some kind of fact. Strong thesis statements take a certain stand and are even a bit intriguing.
It is clearly formulated and focused. A thesis statement proves some point but does not discuss “everything about it.”
It evokes a kind of protest and desire to argue your position. If you manage to call this desire in the reader, it is the best proof of a strong thesis statement.
Second, you certainly need to know what a thesis statement is not about. So, thesis statements are not about:
Questions. A question is not an argument, which is so important for a thesis statement. Besides, readers expect to have all the questions answered.
Lists. If you say something like “For this, that, and that reason, something has happened”. It will not be considered as a strong thesis statement, since it does not contain an argument as well.
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Things You Should Know about a Thesis Committee
January 27th, 2009

thesis committeeYou have signed up for writing a thesis and you are getting more and more involved into the process. As it turned out, a thesis is not only about writing and researching. There are many other things to do before the actual research will begin. Choosing the members of your thesis committee is one of them.
At this moment, you probably know almost nothing about thesis committees. That is why let us give you some explanations.
Why is a thesis committee important?
In fact, a thesis committee is a group of people who will help you progress with your project. Yes, do not think that you will meet the members of the thesis committee only during the defense of your project. These people will be guiding you throughout research. Thesis committee members can help you at particular stages of your work and even provide you with moral support.
What are the strategies of selecting thesis committee members?
There are two major rules that you should keep in mind when making your choice:

  1. Make sure that the thesis committee members do not have some sort of “issues” between each other. You are going to be a team, and some personal disputes will not contribute to the overall progress.
  2. Thesis committee members should be experts in your research area or some related fields.

Hence, we suggest you consult your supervisor (who will also be a member of the thesis committee) on the leading experts in your field. Read More

About Thesis Ideas
December 1st, 2008

thesis ideasDo you know that one of the major keys to success (when talking about the completion of written assignments) is a thesis idea? Do you have any? Do not worry if you do not have any clear idea of what to write about and how to do it.
We are glad to present you a couple of sources of good thesis ideas.
To find thesis ideas, you can:

  • Visit student forums and chats to find fresh theses ideas. Ask if someone can share his/her experience and give you several thesis ideas. Besides, students can give you precious advice on how to cope with your assignment and what tricks to use.
  • Talk to your tutor. This experienced person definitely has a couple of thesis ideas for you. Besides, thesis ideas you can get from him/her will correspond to your level of knowledge, requirements for your academic level, etc.
  • Read thesis ideas presented on our site to find more inspiration for writing.

It is very important to be able to plan your work from the very beginning, step-by-step. Our first thesis idea suggests making an outline that you will follow not to miss something important. Once you have a plan, you can start working.
If you want to present a good project, you need to think about an investigation, on which you will ground your work. Consult your tutor, talk to other students, or read past works to avoid possible mistakes.

Necessary Info about a PhD Thesis
November 19th, 2008

PhD thesisWhat do you know about theses?

  1. It is a degree project that a student needs to write and defend.
  2. Theses can be of different academic levels:
    • A Master thesis;
    • A PhD thesis;
    • A Doctoral thesis and so on…
  3. All theses should be structured and written in accordance with the requirements.
  4. Well, this information is important; still it is not enough to prepare a worthwhile project. That is why we will talk about PhD theses in this article.

Remember the following:

  • PhD thesis is not “a diary of work done” (it is not enough just to present your research. Your thesis is what matters, and not how great your research was);
  • PhD thesis is not “a collection of papers”(PhD standards are very high, so your PhD theses should be of the top quality);
  • PhD thesis is not “a lone travel” (it is rather important to involve people into what you are doing, at least you can ask someone to edit and proofread your paper).

So, what is a PhD thesis?
PhD theses should demonstrate:

  • Student’s understanding and qualification in the chosen field;
  • Student’s critical analysis of the work done;
  • Student’s understanding of the project’s importance.

The last but not the least point we want to discuss is the importance of a PhD thesis outline. The outline of your PhD thesis should include several chapters.
So, a PhD theses outline should be structured as follows: Read More