Sample Research Paper: Discover High-Quality Examples

When you badly need help with research paper writing, even the rescue workers won’t save you. There is no sense calling 911. Instead, check this sample research paper, which will become an academic rescue package for you.

Sample research paper: main parts

The first step is to develop a rescue plan. In college, they call it a research paper outline. No matter how you call it, these are the main parts to include in your samples of research papers:

  1. abstract;
  2. introduction;
  3. literature review;
  4. methods, procedures and participants;
  5. results;
  6. discussion;
  7. limitations;
  8. conclusion;
  9. references;
  10. appendices.

Sample research paper introduction

So, let’s open up this rescue package and see what it contains. Here is the first part, a sample of a research paper introduction:

The sky-rocketing popularity among adolescents of social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and others, gives rise to concerns over the potential development of pathological devotions by such users. Texting with webfriends, sharing photos and videos have become integral elements of daily routines and popular culture. The reverse side of the phenomenon of social media requires further investigation…
(Comment: The author provides some background information, introduces the readers to the subject matter and points out the need to carry out this study.)

Sample research paper main body

The next important part is the main body of your project. Check these fragments from a model research paper main body:

  • Literature review. Social Networking Sites (SNSs) provide access to large virtual communities that allow internet users to interact with their real-life friends and meet new people online. Addiction to social networks can potentially become a cause of mental health problems. The emerging phenomenon of addiction is viewed as a result of personal traits or improper motivations for using these websites. Kuss and Griffiths (2011) stated that … Biswajit and Sahoo (2011) concluded that…
    (Comment: The opinions of different scholars should be divided according to the position they take. )
  • Methods, procedures and participants. A semi-structured interview was conducted with 25 boys and 25 girls aged 11 – 13.
    (Comment: Mention specific methods and materials you used, as well as the number of participants.)
  • Results. According to the results of interviews, 38 of the 50 children interviewed spend more than three hours per day online.
    (Comment: Be specific, simply state the results and do not include any interpretations at this stage. )
  • Discussion. The 38 participants who spend more than 3 hours per day online, show a pathological devotion to social networking websites…
    (Comment: Offer interpretations of your findings. )
  • Limitations. The convenience sampling method is the main limitation of this study.
    (Comment: Do not forget to discuss the limitations of your study. It will show that you understand that nothing is perfect and that your results are likely to be valid only in certain conditions.)

Sample research paper conclusion

The last, but not least part of all good samples of research papers is the conclusion:
Pathological devotion to social networking sites can potentially become a cause of mental illnesses in adolescents with a certain set of personal traits.
(Comment: Do not include new information in your conclusion. Briefly repeat what has been already said and give an answer to your main research question.

So, that was all you needed to know on how to write a research paper. You are welcome to use this research paper sample whenever you need an academic rescue package.

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