Art Coursework Topics to Effectively Relate Art to Readers

Art coursework is equally interesting and exciting assignments that students can assume. Everything that we see or hear can be related to art. It is a unique medium of expression and anyone can surely relate to it. Art comes in varied forms and genres. One can find easy time composing courseworks on art since there is a wide selection of topics and ideas that you can write about. You can express your own creativity and artistry when you write your own essay regarding art and its features. The following topics will give you more options on what subject matter you find more interesting to write for art courseworks paper.

1. Coursework on Art Education

  • Types of Arts
  • Elements of the Art
  • Historical Views of Art
  • Art Evolution
  • Different Eras of Art
  • Art in Western Countries
  • Art in Non-Western Societies
  • The Modern Art
  • Realism, Naturalism and Idealism
  • Purposes of Art

2. Visual Arts

  • Painting;
  • Sculpture;
  • Architecture;
  • Photography;
  • Decorative Arts;
  • Crafts.

3. Painting and Two-Dimensional Art

  • Painting Media and Styles;
  • Famous Painters and their Works;
  • Painting as an Expression of Art;

4. Graphics Arts

  • Drawing and Printmaking;
  • Digital Media.

5. Art Courseworks Photography and New Media

  • Video Art;
  • Film;
  • Digital Art.

6. Decorative Arts and Crafts

  • Textile Design;
  • Furniture Design;
  • Pottery;
  • Fashion Design;
  • Metal Works.

7. Art Coursework on Architecture

  • Forms of Architecture;
  • Ancient Architecture;
  • Architecture in Medieval Times;
  • The New Age Architecture;
  • The Modern Architecture.

8. Fine Arts, Music, Dance and Poetry

  • Types of Dances;
  • Different Music Genres;
  • Poetry as an Expression of Art;
  • Famous Poets and their Works.

9. Art Courseworks on Expensive Photographs

  • Rhein II by Andreas Gursky;
  • The Pond Moonlight by Edward Steichen;
  • Georgia O’Keeffe by Alfred Stieglitz;
  • Dovima with elephants by Richard Avedon;
  • Joueur d’Orgue by Eugène Atget.

10. Art theories

  • Illustration;
  • Edification and persuasion;
  • Representation;
  • Catharsis induction;
  • Self expression;
  • Emotional expression;
  • Emotional evocation;
  • Meaning-world;
  • Emotional formulation.

11. Art coursework on Art Movement

  • Etching;
  • Impressionism;
  • Symbolism;
  • Art deco;
  • Luminism;
  • Modernism;
  • Realism;
  • Naturalism;
  • Aesthetic;
  • Orientalism;
  • Romanticism;
  • Expressionism;
  • Futurism;
  • Action painting;
  • Organic Abstraction.

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