Accounting Coursework: Tips to Broaden your Accounting Skills

accounting-courseworkCourseworks in accounting can seem dense and intimidating, particularly when the accounting courseworks assignments begin piling up over the course of the semester. However, accounting coursework accentuates four core areas of skill: communication skills, reasoning skills, the ability to analyze critically, and the ability to solve problems.
Coursework in accounting then becomes the student’s opportunity to focus on these core areas and demonstrate his or her proficiency in each. Students undertaking accounting courseworks may benefit from the following five tips:
Keep your writing practical and focus less on the theoretical. Develop your ability to communicate the general principles of accounting in a real world context. Accounting coursework is your opportunity to show your professor that you will contribute something valuable to the profession once you graduate. Make sure that when you write about accounting, your paper remains focused on real world goals such as fraud prevention.
Demonstrate your advanced reasoning skills in your accounting coursework. Challenge yourself to write reasoned responses to all of the questions posed in your accounting courseworks. Businesses rely on accountants to apply logic and reason in often highly emotional circumstances, such as facing bankruptcy. Use your courseworks to build that skill now.
Show your professor that you can analyze numbers and understand where problems arise. Critical analysis is key in accounting; businesses rely on accountants to let them know when something is not adding up, especially in cases of fraud. Develop that skill now.

Solve problems in the real world and apply your solutions to your coursework. Anticipate the problems you will be asked to solve in your career and come up with solutions for them. For example, consider the steps you would have taken to avoid Enron. What rules would you add to the Sarbanes Oxley act? What steps would you have taken to avoid the 2009 housing crisis in the United States?
Avoid becoming overwhelmed in the numbers. Numbers are simply representations of basic accounting problems such as cash flow forecasts and deprecation. There is nothing mythological about them. Demonstrate to your professors that you have a practical grasp of the basic principles of accounting.

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