How to Start Writing: Guidelines for Dummies to Splendid Success

how-to-start-writingWriting sounds awesome… until you are assigned with another task to write on. So, if you ever wondered how to start paper writing, you’ve come to the right place. In fact, you are in the right place even if you never had this sort of task – you will have it someday. Let’s not waste any time and dive right into the process!

How to Start Writing: Check Fantastic General Tips for Beginners

Here’s a thing for you to remember: your introduction must boom. And here are the tips that will help you write that sort of introduction:

  • Surprise the reader.
  • All right, you’ve already explained in your thesis statement that the idea of animals taking over the Earth is wrong, but it would still be a cool twist to say something like, “By 2050, giraffes will have made a social revolution… but obviously only in a parallel reality.”

  • Mention every single surprising/unusual detail.
  • Do you think that your conclusion about money losing 1/100 of their weight after a year of use is insignificant? Well, it’s time you learn something: there is no insignificant result in any writing. Everything you find out when writing the book, essay, blog, etc. is priceless.

  • Involve the reader.
  • Make your audience your partners before they turninto your opponents! Make strong statements and offer clear ideas that the readers cannot deny or reject.

  • Be a judoka, not a boxer.
  • There are two types of writers: boxers and judokas. Boxer writers pick any words and punch the reader with them right on the head. By contrast, judokas can pin the reader by the shoulders with a single word. Choose to be the second type of writer – it’ll pay off.

  • Savor your writing.
  • Enjoy what you’re writing! Plot every single element ahead, and your writing will soon turn into the obvious product of a sophisticated mastermind.

Now fasten your seatbelts and get ready for a great trip. Learn everything you wanted to know about writing a book, a blog, an essay, etc.

How to Start Writing: Recommendations for Every Sort of Writing.

Remember that, when writing a book, you’ll have to use a different approach from the one you use during essay writing. Check this table to learn more:

Type of writing Differences
How to start writing a book
  • include an exposition;
  • create a prologue.
How to start writing a blog
  • add some personality to your blog;
  • address the readers.
How to start writing a letter
  • include the recipient’s name and address, as well as yours;
  • state the reason for writing your letter.
How to start writing a paper
  • Offer your thesis statement;
  • Specify the conflict.


  1. start with an attention-getter;
  2. involve the reader in the dialogue;
  3. offer an unusual point of view on the problem;
  4. address a specific issue/problem and create an intrigue;
  5. make the audience feel comfortable and relaxed when reading your creation;
  6. Explain the importance of the problem;
  7. Offer an unusual approach to solving the problem.

While writing, use your imagination – it takes only a little bit of imagination to create a masterpiece!
Now that you know how to start writing blog entries, letters and other things, let’s see some professional tips.

How to Start Writing: Remember Important Elements of the Process

Well, you’ve seen a perfect writing a book how-to table; now, to understand how to write a book, a letter, a blog or an essay, pass this simple test. Each “Yes” scores you a point!

  • Have you had good rest before getting down to writing?
  • Have you browsed through some good classics of the genre?
  • Are you choosing your words wisely?
  • Are you ready to be original and inventive?
  • Have you picked a certain style to follow?
  • Are you having fun with your writing process?

If you’ve scored 6 points, congratulations! You’re fully equipped for creating a fantastic piece of writing.
If you’ve got less than 6, go over the question or questions where you answered “no” and change your strategy on how to write a letter, a book, etc.

How to Start Writing: Fascinating Examples of Effective Writing

The time has come to see the way all these tips work in real life. Watch the experts at work!

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Now you know how to be a writer, and you can create the most unbelievable papers. Just start writing them, and you’ll see how exciting it is!

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