Career Topics: Vocational Guidance of High School Students

Importance of discussing career topics
The main goal of contemporary education systems is to prepare young people to their adult life and is not limited to teaching particular blocks of materials. The majority of high school students is careless and rarely thinks of future profession and career. Touching upon career topics during class discussions, school programs play an important role in professional guidance of adolescents and are helpful for directing their efforts.
The choice of college and future profession is one of the most consequential decisions in every person’s life. For this reason, career topics are incorporated into the majority of education programs. Sharing their own experience and implementing the newest techniques for testing the students’ abilities, educators help young people to make the right decision. Before discussing career topics, learners are offered to take tests for monitoring their strong sides and preferences.
After comparing the results of the surveys with the students’ personal perception of their abilities, tutors may proceed to discussion of positive and negative sides of various professions. Discussing career topics, students broaden their scope and obtain a sensible view of advantages and disadvantages of various occupations and help to prevent disillusionment and retraining in future.
Techniques for discussing career topics

  1. Teachers may offer learners to take a psychological test before touching upon the career topics. Analyzing the results of the test, a student would create awareness of one’s strong sides.
  2. Educators may offer students to write an essay on a profession of their dream and then present the project at class while discussing career topics.
  3. Another effective strategy for discussing career topics is incorporating tables, pointing at pros and cons of various occupations in different columns.

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