Dissertation Defense Questions: Different Types, How to Respond to Them

dissertation defense questionsIt seems that the part of the dissertation defense where committee members ask questions is exactly what makes all dissertation writers feel nervous. Who knows what this or that committee member has on mind or how he/she feels at the moment of your dissertation presentation.
At times, bad mood, a quarrel with a spouse in the morning, or a broken car of a committee member can result in some inadequate dissertation defense questions.
Hope you will not face a situation like that, but anyway you should devote enough time to preparing for the dissertation defense and possible dissertation defense questions.
By the way, it is a good idea to visit presentations of other graduates. Sure, you will not be asked the same dissertation defense questions. Yet, it is an opportunity for you to see how tough dissertation defense questions should be answered or what you should do if you have no answer at all.
Right now, we want to tell you about different types of dissertation defense questions and the right ways to answer them.
Inquisitive dissertation defense questions
You will face this kind of questions if one (or several) of the committee members are not satisfied with how you covered this or that aspect of your research. In this case, just tell everything you know, but do not try to touch upon issues that you are not competent in. If a dissertation defense question goes beyond the scope of your work, simply explain that you did not aim to address this area.
Curious dissertation defense questions
If committee members ask questions like that, they simply want to know more about your topic or some specific things you did during research. Give more details when responding to these dissertation defense questions.
Hostile dissertation defense questions
Such questions are asked if the committee thinks that a part of your research was done inadequately. If this happens, do not panic. Try to prove that everything is all right with your research. If nothing helps, your advisor should join the discussion and help you get rid of a hostile dissertation defense question.

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