BTEC Sport Coursework: When Sport Meets Academia

BTEC sports courseworkThey say that writing about sports sometimes allows you to earn more money than actually trying the sports themselves. After all, those lucky who earn millions just playing football make up less than 1% of all professional sportsmen of the world. Therefore, your BTEC sports coursework can prove to be the first step to a long and successful career of a sports reporter.
In this article, we will provide you with several topic ideas for your BTEC sports coursework. We will try to avoid narrow and specific topics – you can come up with them yourself, depending on what appeals to you more. What we provide here are general categories, each of which can be a source of dozens, if not hundreds, topics for your BTEC coursework on sport.
BTEC Sports Coursework: History
Perhaps, the most basic and obvious topic for BTEC sports courseworks is the history of sports. There are plenty of possibilities to be original and even extravagant here. Just do not focus on the World Soccer Championships too much – it is too trivial. What about the beginning of sports in Ancient Greece, for instance?
BTEC Sports Coursework: Medicine
Another good choice for BTEC sports courseworks is a positive impact it has on health. Sport is not a mere game and definitely not only a business. It is a healthy activity that can help you recover from a wide range of diseases. Why not study, say, the impact of various sports on cancerous patients? Is it not great to know you help someone providing valuable information in your BTEC sports coursework?
BTEC Sports Coursework: Economy
Finally, we have already mentioned that sports are also a sector of business and economy. Do not forget that BTEC actually stands for Business and Technology Education Council. Exploring the influence of sports on the overall economical state of your country is a good choice.

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