Dissertation Proposal Defense: What to Expect

dissertation proposal defenseSo, your proposal for a dissertation is finished, and it is high time to start preparing for your dissertation proposal defense. Do not hurry to rejoice if your proposal is successful, because if you fail during the defense, you will have to make further improvements.
In this article, we want to explain what you should expect from the dissertation proposal defense and how to prepare for it.
What a dissertation proposal defense is about
In a few words, it is an oral presentation of your proposal. Yet, you should not take it as an ordinary public performance, because your dissertation proposal defense should actually be strong evidence for you and for the committee that you are ready to finish your dissertation project.
During the dissertation proposal defense, you will have to demonstrate a deep understanding of your dissertation topic, prove its significance, and show your awareness of related works in the field.
How a dissertation proposal defense is usually held
As a rule, a dissertation proposal defense takes from 50 minutes to 2 hours. This time includes your oral presentation, questions period, and a period when the committee makes the final decision.
Some specific rules to keep in mind about a dissertation proposal defense

  1. First, you need to pick your dissertation proposal defense committee and get it approved.
  2. Two weeks before the dissertation proposal defense, you have to submit your proposal to the committee and make sure that all members have your proposal.
  3. Decide on the time and date of your dissertation proposal defense and approve it with the committee.

Quick tips for a successful dissertation proposal defense

  1. Your oral presentation will take 40-50 minutes. Decide on the most essential points to be covered.
  2. Be ready to answer questions from the committee members and the audience.
  3. Be ready to prove during the defense that you investigate an important issue and it will contribute to your research area.

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