RE Courseworks: Upcoming Events as a Topic for your Paper

re courseworkYou do not know much about religion and, actually, do not like those religious topics. Yet, your RE coursework should be finished, because your teacher is not interested in how religious or how knowledgeable you are about this field.
Well, do not worry and get rid of negative thoughts that you will fail your RE coursework. Believe us, you have a chance to create an amazing paper using some upcoming religious events as the main idea of your RE coursework.
You definitely know that in a week the Christian world will celebrate one of the most important holidays – Easter. Even atheists know about this holiday and know something about its history.
If you investigate this topic deeper, you can prepare a really captivating RE coursework. Here are several writing hints for you.
Hint 1
Start your RE coursework with general information about Easter. Tell where it is celebrated. Explain why the date of the holiday changes every year.
Hint 2
One of the chapters in your RE coursework can be devoted to the history of Easter. Basically, you have to tell the story of Jesus Christ, his arrest, sufferings, crucifixion, and resurrection. You can also add more details about Christ’s apostles, his mother Mary, and Mary Magdalene. To make your RE coursework sound and well supported, use Old and New Testaments to find evidences.
Hint 3
Finally, explain in your RE coursework why Easter is so important to Christians. You may tell about the differences in the celebration of Easter by Western and Eastern Christians.
This is just one of the possible plans for writing your RE coursework about Easter. By the way, this topic can be developed in your future History coursework. If you do not feel like investigating history, your paper can be devoted to modern celebrations and traditions.

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