Average Thesis/Dissertation Length: No Universal Standards

thesis or dissertation lengthWhat is the average thesis or dissertation length? This is one of the main questions that bother all thesis and dissertation writers. And, actually, it is a question that has no precise answer.
Saying that the average thesis/dissertation length is approximately 200 pages would be too easy and incorrect, because there are many factors that affect the size of such projects. Anyway, you want to know the answer, and we will try to explain what the average thesis or dissertation length is.
No universal standards
There is no standard thesis or dissertation length – this is the main rule you should keep in mind. All institutions have their own requirements. What is more, in the same institution requirements for thesis or dissertation length may vary depending on schools and departments.
Other standards as guidelines for you
Despite the fact that there is no standard thesis or dissertation length, you can be guided by other standards that usually do not change. What we mean is the content of thesis and dissertation projects. Your thesis or dissertation length should include all necessary chapters.
The main factor affecting the average thesis or dissertation length
Do you know what common answer almost all professors have about the average thesis and dissertation length? They say that a thesis or dissertation should be as long as it is necessary.
It means that if you have not covered a topic fully, have not answered the main question, or have some gaps in your research, your project will be considered unfinished no matter how long it is.
So, probably you should not worry so much about the length of your project but rather focus on the results of your work.
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