A Dissertation Introduction: Its Purposes and Main Functions

dissertation introductionsSome scholars think that a dissertation introduction is one of the most significant chapters of a dissertation. Others believe that writing dissertation introductions is not more important than preparing any other chapter.
Anyway, it is the very beginning of your project, that part where you introduce your work. Probably, dissertation introductions do play an important role, because they are designed to draw attention of the reader and explain why the project is worth examining. Thus, let us provide you with more details about the first chapter of your dissertation.
The main functions of dissertation introductions
To prepare a good dissertation introduction, you should know what particular functions it has. This is what dissertation introductions do:

  • Explain the purpose of your study and your motivation to conduct it;
  • State the problem you are going to address and solve;
  • Introduce research objectives;
  • Justify your work;
  • Explain how research will be progressed;
  • Give brief summaries of the main dissertation chapters.

See, you have to complete several rather complicated tasks. All the above-mentioned points should be presented in a clear and precise fashion. Do not overload the reader with unnecessary details, but make sure that you provide all major points the reader should know.
Specific recommendations for writing dissertation introductions
Here are some rules for you to keep in mind when writing your dissertation introduction.

  1. Be careful with that part where you describe the problem. Explain clearly what the problem is and what you intend to achieve.
  2. Pay special attention to the part where your research objectives are presented. In the course of research, your objectives may change.
  3. It is recommended to start writing the dissertation introduction after the rest of the project is finished. By this time, you will have a fixed structure of your project, carry out research, and get results. When you have these, it is easier to explain the contributions of your project.

We will also be glad to explain how to come up with good dissertation topics.

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