Dissertation Methodology Section: Describing Research Methods

dissertation methodologyYes, the main purpose of writing the dissertation methodology section is to describe your research methods. Research methods, in other words, can be defined as methods used to collect necessary information for your project.
In fact, before writing your dissertation methodology section, it is important to have a clear vision of those research methods or steps you need to take to collect information. Some of the research methods include the following:

  • action research;
  • experimental research;
  • classification research;
  • statistical analysis;
  • participant observation, etc.

Consult your advisor and decide on the appropriate methods used within your discipline and research area. In the dissertation methodology section, you will have to explain why some specific methods were selected and why you rejected other methods.
It is also important to weigh all pros and cons of each method, because this information should also be included into the dissertation methodology section.
Discuss in your dissertation methodology section positive and negative sides of all methods, those you have and have not used.
What rules one should stick to when writing dissertation methodology?
Rule 1
Dissertation methodology should include not only a description of your research methods. You should start with a discussion of problems that you are going to address, specific question you intend to answer.
Rule 2
Mind that the dissertation methodology section should be written in a clear, precise way, providing all necessary details about your methods. The reader should be able to replicate your actions.
Rule 3
Do not forget that every research method you have selected and described in the dissertation methodology section should be justified. We want to stress once again that you have to weigh all strong and weak points of every method.
So, good luck with the methodology section of your dissertation. By the way, it will also be one of the components of your dissertation proposal.

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