A Good Thesis Statement and Its Main Signs

a good thesis statementHave you ever counted how many essays you had to write? For every class, every teacher asks to write at least one essay. What is more, every teacher has own requirements and vision of a good essay.
Yet, there is one common thing between all teachers and their standards for students’ essays. A good essay should have a good thesis statement. This is what almost all students find complicated about writing essays.
Indeed, creating a good thesis statement might be tricky. However, if you know the main signs of a good thesis statement, it will not be a problem for you. You are lucky to hit upon this article, because here we list them.
A good thesis statement: sign 1
As a rule, each time teachers assign an essay, they provide some prompt or a question that a student should answer in the essay. Your thesis should address and answer this question.
A good thesis statement: sign 2
How long do you think a thesis statement should be? Actually, the answer hides in this word “statement”. A statement is something short and precise.
In other words, a good thesis statement should be about a sentence (maximum two) long, specific, and clear.
A good thesis statement: sign 3
A broad thesis statement is one of the biggest mistakes students make. A good thesis statement includes only those points that are going to be covered in the body paragraphs.
A good thesis statement: sign 4
Finally, after your thesis is ready, ask a friend or a parent to read it. If he/she asks a question “so, what?”, your thesis is not strong at all and should be changed. A good thesis statement should be engaging and intriguing a little so that to make the reader interested in your paper.
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