How to Write a Research Proposal: Necessary Steps to Take

how to write research proposalDo you know what the process of writing a research paper begins with? You are right if you think about a research proposal. Without a proposal or with a poor proposal, the topic of your paper will be simply rejected, which means you will not be able to conduct your research.
In this article, we are going to talk about the main stags of the research proposal writing process. Before you start working on your own proposal, we advise you analyze a couple of research proposal samples. It is a good way to reveal some secrets of how to write research proposals.
So, these are necessary steps to preparing an effective proposal.
How to write a research proposal: step 1
Start with a title of your proposal. Take time to create an attention-grabbing and informative title.
How to write a research proposal: step 2
Write an abstract. It is a 300-word summary of your paper. Briefly explain what your research question is, talk about the importance of your study, methods used, and expected results.
How to write a research proposal: step 3
Now, you have to make an introduction. Here you should demonstrate your understanding of the topic, describe some major points of your work.
How to write a research proposal: step 4
Writing a literature review section is one of the challenging parts of your proposal. It should also demonstrate your knowledge, awareness of various scholars and their works related to your topic. Describe what sources you have used.
How to write a research proposal: step 5
Tell about the methods you have used to carry out your research. Explain why you have chosen these particular approaches.
How to write a research proposal: step 6
Finally, tell about the expected results.
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