Thesis/Dissertation Extension: How to Get It

thesis or dissertation extensionYou work on your thesis or dissertation project. One day, you realize that you have completely forgotten about the deadline, and you can even fail to submit your project on time.
Well, it is a big trouble indeed. Yet, it is manageable. What you need is thesis/dissertation extension that allows you to finish the project.
However, do not hurry to jump with joy. First, you need to provide very serious reasons why you are missing the deadline, because getting thesis/dissertation extension is not easy. As a rule, thesis/dissertation extensions are provided in case of some serious health problems or other personal circumstances.
Anyway, you have nothing to do but get your thesis or dissertation extension or you will not get a degree. Here you will find some basic guidelines on how to get thesis/dissertation extension.
Step 1
What you should do first is address your supervisor. Explain him/her all the true reasons why you cannot finish the project on time. You will definitely get a good piece of advice and some instructions about what you should do next.
Together you will formulate all explanations correctly so that you could get thesis/dissertation extension.
Step 2
After that, you will have to address a Program Officer or Department Chair. This person has a huge impact on whether you will be given thesis/dissertation extension.
Step 3
Then, you will have to fill in the Thesis/Dissertation Extension Request Form, where you have to highlight all your reasons for asking for extension in a clear and precise manner.
Keep in mind that you should ask for thesis/dissertation extension as early as possible, far before the deadline. Sometimes, paying fees for extension is required.
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