A Thesis Abstract: A Brief Summary of a Long Project

thesis abstractDo you know what part of your thesis project will be read first? No, it is not an introduction or any other section of your thesis if this is what you think. It is a thesis abstract, which in other words can be defined as a short summary of your paper.
This thesis abstract plays a significant role in the further destiny of your project. Particularly, it will influence the reader’s choice, whether your work is worth reading and studying.
So, take your thesis abstract seriously and use our recommendations for preparing effective thesis abstracts.
How long should a thesis abstract be?
Usually, thesis abstracts are 300 words long. Sometimes, they can be longer, but not more than 500 words. Anyway, better specify this issue with your advisor.
When should a thesis abstract be prepared?
It is better to write a thesis abstract after the whole project is ready. This is when you know everything about your work, its findings, significance, etc.
What information should be included into a thesis abstract?
In a few words, thesis abstracts include the most important info about your work. Yet, to be more specific, you should answer the following questions and include answers into your thesis abstract:

  • What research question or problem does the work address?
  • Why this question is important to answer?
  • How did you carry out your research?
  • What are your findings? Why are they important?

You will find answers to the first two questions in your thesis introduction. A methodology section is an answer to the third question. Conclusions will help you answer the fourth question.
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