Strong Thesis Statement vs. Poor Thesis Statement

thesis statementWe suppose you have heard a lot about the importance of a strong thesis statement. They say it is the first thing that the reader pays attention to. Well, we can even say that the reader interested in your paper will be looking for a thesis statement. After he/she finds and reads it, he/she will decide whether your work is worth further reading.
Obviously, you are not that confident about your abilities of composing strong thesis statements. You know, it is a problem for many students. However, we will help you learn to distinguish a strong thesis statement from a poor one.
First, let us discuss the basic characteristics of a strong thesis statement.
It introduces an insightful idea, not just some kind of fact. Strong thesis statements take a certain stand and are even a bit intriguing.
It is clearly formulated and focused. A thesis statement proves some point but does not discuss “everything about it.”
It evokes a kind of protest and desire to argue your position. If you manage to call this desire in the reader, it is the best proof of a strong thesis statement.
Second, you certainly need to know what a thesis statement is not about. So, thesis statements are not about:
Questions. A question is not an argument, which is so important for a thesis statement. Besides, readers expect to have all the questions answered.
Lists. If you say something like “For this, that, and that reason, something has happened”. It will not be considered as a strong thesis statement, since it does not contain an argument as well.
Confrontation. Make sure your thesis statement is not about some tough assertions or obtrusion of your opinion. Therefore, mind what you say in your statement.
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