Graphic Design Dissertation Topics

graphic design dissertation topicsWell, if you have started reading this article, we can suppose that you want to connect your future career with graphic design. What is more, you have to pass a serious test if you want to be an expert in this area. This test is a graphic design dissertation.
It should not be a reason for you to give up at once. Besides, we are here to help you cope with your graphic design dissertation. In this article, you will find several possible graphic design dissertation topics along with tips for writing.
So, graphic design is actually the field with a variety of issues that can be considered. Some of them are:

  • Technology in Graphic Design;
  • Advertising Vs. Graphic Design;
  • Graphic Software;
  • Brand Personality Creation through Advertising;
  • Using Shapes in Graphic Design;
  • Color Properties and the HSV Color Space;
  • Logo Design Software;
  • HSL and HSV Color Coding.

Remember, graphic design dissertation topics should be exclusive. So, you cannot just copy any topic and make it your graphic design dissertation topic. The topic of your graphic design dissertation should be specific. What is more, it should be neither too broad nor too narrow.
Tips for writing graphic design dissertations

  1. Start writing your graphic design dissertation with the sections you know best;
  2. Try to make your writing clear and unambiguous;
  3. Look through some samples of dissertations before you start writing your own graphic design dissertation;
  4. Insert some tables into your graphic design dissertation and explain them clearly;
  5. Draw relevant conclusions instead of restating your findings;
  6. Give the suggestions for the further research that would make sense.

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