300 Words about a Dissertation Literature Review

dissertation literature reviewDissertation writing is one of the most serious assignments students should complete during their education. Each part of a dissertation has its own peculiarities, and students need to know them to succeed.
Many students face plenty of difficulties while preparing the chapter called a dissertation literature review. If you are one of such students, this article should interest you!
Right now, we will present you all necessary information you should know to present a good dissertation literature review!
Some students confuse a dissertation literature review with an annotated bibliography. Never do this!
A dissertation literature review is one of the most important chapters in the whole dissertation. It makes up to 20% of your work. In a dissertation literature review, a student needs to…:

  1. …Identify;
  2. Evaluate;
  3. Describe;
  4. And summarize…

… information in the chosen field.
While writing a dissertation literature review, students aim at proving their awareness of the researches conducted and published on the chosen topic. So, the main purpose of writing a dissertation literature review is to describe the connection between researches done and the work you are going to present.
Now, let us talk about the main components of a dissertation literature review:

  • Problem formulation. You need to introduce the topic (the research field) you investigate;
  • Data gathering. You should present the material found that is relevant to the subject;
  • Data evaluation. You have to underline how the chosen literature contributes to the understanding of the topic;
  • Information analysis. You should discuss the findings and draw conclusions.

Hope this information will help you create a worthwhile dissertation literature review!
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