4 Relevant Topics for an Environmental Health Dissertation

environmental health dissertationDo you know what the best topic for an environment dissertation is? The one discussing recent problems related to our environment and its influence on people.
Do you lack ideas on what to present in your environment dissertation? Do not panic! This article will help you. Here you will find the most exciting and fascinating environmental health dissertation topics that you may take advantage of.

  1. Environmental Burden of Disease: WHO Profiles
  2. To cover this topic in your environment dissertation means to investigate data on the burden of disease that the World Health Organization presents. This environmental health dissertation topic also implies discussing whether some diseases are possible to prevent through healthier environment. So, if statistics is not your weak point, do not hesitate to choose this topic for your environment dissertation.

  3. Methods of Quantifying Environmental Health Impacts
  4. There are two generally known methods of quantifying environmental health impacts: exposure-based and expert opinion methods. You may consider and analyze each of them in your environment dissertation, focusing on their advantages and disadvantages.

  5. Cost-Effectiveness of Environmental Health Intervention
  6. When developing this idea in your environment dissertation, you need to investigate the methods of assessing cost-effectiveness applied to all existing sectors (health sector, agriculture sector, water sector, environment sector, etc.). You will also face a number of other problems associated with the cost-effectiveness of environmental health intervention. What are they? Well, let it be a motivating secret for you.

  7. Children’s Environmental Health
  8. This environmental health dissertation topic needs mentioning the environmental hazards that children all over the world are running. Naturally, you cannot do here without statistical data; still, it is not essential for the environment dissertation on this topic. It is better to focus on the actions that should be taken in order to secure children with healthy environment. What are they? Talk about them in your environment dissertation.

Hope these environmental health dissertation topics will turn much useful to you.
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