Postgraduate Thesis

postgraduate thesisBefore giving you a few recommendations on making a postgraduate thesis, let us firstly identify what a postgraduate thesis means. A postgraduate thesis is the result of original research done in a certain research area. Actually, your good thesis will be considered as a certain contribution to knowledge.
The purpose of writing your postgraduate thesis is to identify unanswered questions and provide your answers to them. You will also get a guidance of your supervisor and other academics.

  1. How to conduct research. Conducting research is, actually, like nothing else. It is rather hard to stay motivated when something is not clear to you or the sources are not enough for going ahead researching. In such minutes you will need to contact your supervisor or other academics + students. However, if you manage to keep motivated, you are sure to succeed in writing your postgraduate thesis;
  2. Daily work on your postgraduate thesis. Your daily work on the postgraduate theses will include lots of operations: reading papers, reviews, discussing ideas, getting new ideas and making sure they are worth bothering about, keeping a portfolio and, finally, living in a dreamlike state;
  3. Tips to follow:
    • always consult your supervisor or academic staff members;
    • always scan texts before you are going to read them, first read abstracts and conclusions;
    • always summarize the ideas in the sources you are using;

    • if something you are reading about looks interesting, read and read it again.

Do not give way to despair in case you are overloaded with work on your postgraduate theses, since a daily and weekly routine helps to keep working and creating a perfect project.
If you have to write a postgraduate dissertation, the information given will be useful for you as well.

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