How to Write a Thesis Introduction

Writing a thesis introduction requires knowing all special requirements for the thesis introduction. We would like to present you a list of the thesis introduction requirements, which is certain to help you compose your thesis introduction.
The thesis introduction is to contain the following components:

  • The title of your thesis topic;
  • The reasons for choosing this particular thesis topic;
  • The aims of your thesis paper;
  • The tasks, which the thesis author has to complete in order to attain the aims of the thesis paper;
  • A little bit of a background data, which describes the history of the topic development;
  • The researcher’s intents.

Let us also mention that the thesis introduction has the following functions:

  • The thesis introduction has to attract the readers to get acquainted with the entire thesis paper;
  • The thesis introduction has to make the readers understand what the thesis paper is about;
  • The thesis paper introduction allows you to explain why you consider your thesis paper topic to be important.
  • The thesis paper introduction has to be printed on a separate page. It does not have to be either too long or too short. The thesis paper introduction does not require using the formal language. You should not use any terms within your thesis introduction. Even if you have no choice but to use some term, you had better explain its meaning by means of giving a simple definition.

The thesis introduction plays a very important role, so you should try to prepare a good thesis introduction in order to increase the quality of the entire thesis paper.
If you still have some questions, you had better consult your tutor in order to avoid any misunderstandings.

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