Differences between a Dissertation and Thesis

If you want to know more about dissertations and theses, you chose the right site. This article tells you about the main difference between a dissertation and thesis, which you should take into consideration.
Dissertations and theses are two types of academic writings, which should be performed by students in order to get a degree, and here is one main difference between a dissertation and thesis. A dissertation is a work, which should be performed in order to get a doctoral degree, and a thesis is a kind of work, which should be written by a student in order to get a master’s degree.
Different types of degrees require different academic writings: dissertations and theses are just for this. You should clearly understand the difference before you start writing a dissertation or thesis.
Dissertations and theses also differ in their manner of preparation. When you write your thesis project, it is possible to use someone’s research – you may study it and prove with some theoretical data, and as for a dissertation, it is necessary to make your own research. Only your research, based on your background knowledge, can be appropriate. So, try to be careful and attentive.
As you can see, it is impossible to say that a dissertation and thesis are synonyms from all sides. We can even say that one of these two notions stands a bit higher, it is a dissertation, and a thesis takes the lower rang.
The structure of dissertations and theses is the same: introductory, literary review, main body, conclusion, bibliography, and appendix. Well, may be it is necessary to put more efforts into writing a good dissertation, and a thesis can be an additional variant, which will take not much efforts, but still give you a chance to get a degree.
It is up to you what you choose: dissertation or thesis writing, now you know the differences and you are ready to make a choice.

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