Drama Coursework

Every student, at least once in his/her study, had to write a coursework. A coursework is a kind of an academic writing that aims at investigating a certain topic in the subject area. The coursework may be written on different subjects, such as Mathematics coursework, Geography coursework, Psychology coursework, Literature coursework, etc. It depends on the kind of an academic institution the student is studying at. A literature coursework has to present the student’s knowledge of Literature theory and his/her research abilities.
One of the areas of Literature to be investigated is drama. To write a drama coursework you should select a literature composition under analysis and set a thesis statement. The thesis statement is the start point of your drama courseworks. It is a sentence containing your personal opinion on a certain debatable issue that should be proved while analyzing the literature composition. What components of drama under analysis should your drama coursework present?

  • Your drama coursework may present the analysis of the main idea of the drama. The majority of students mix up 2 different definitions: the theme and the main idea. You should remember that the main idea is what the author intends to show;
  • Your drama courseworks may present the stylistic analysis of the drama as well. Give examples of expressive means and stylistic devices used in the text;
  • Your drama coursework may also present the analysis of the main characters of the drama. Analyze their habits, behavior, relationship and worldviews;
  • Your drama coursework may also present the analysis of the place and time of actions.

But the most important thing about the drama courseworks is that you should present a new finding on the basis of your analysis. There are also no doubts that your analysis presented in your drama coursework should be logically consequent.
Drama coursework is rather an interesting and useful task as it develops your critical thinking and research abilities.

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