Criminology Dissertation Titles: Format Them Appropriately

After you have chosen an interesting subject for your criminology dissertation title and formulated a purpose of your research, you are able to formulate a criminology dissertation title. There are certain rules that dissertation titles are formulated according to. Consider our recommendations when formulating your criminology dissertation title.
Should criminology dissertation title be long or short? We recommend you to choose “a happy medium” and to make your criminology dissertation about 8-15 words long.
Your criminology dissertation title should contain information that characterizes your research. Point the following issues:

  • Subject of your investigation. Show what exactly you study: a phenomenon, a process etc.
  • Focus of your study. Outline whether you investigate a subject on an international, national or local level;
  • if you talk about a certain group of people, outline it too.
  • Method of your investigation. Example: Critical analysis of…

Avoid beginning your criminology dissertation titles with insignificant words, such as “study of”, “investigation of” etc. It is obvious that what you do in your dissertation is an investigation of a certain subject.
However, in some cases, use of these words is appropriate if it makes a criminology dissertation title more specific. For example, you can begin with a “comparative study of… “, as the word “comparative” explains that you are going to fulfill comparison in your dissertation.
To develop your criminology dissertation title, you can use the following words and expressions:

  1. Phenomenon of
  2. Theoretical aspects
  3. Effects
  4. Causes
  5. Problems
  6. Factors etc

There is no single answer on whether criminology dissertation titles can be formulated as questions. Some institutions dislike when criminology dissertation titles contain a question and require a formulation to be more formal. However, there are many criminology dissertations which have titles containing questions. If you are allowed using a question form for your criminology dissertation title, you can use the following constructions:

  1. How?
  2. To what extent?
  3. Why?
  4. Does/Do/Is/Are?
  5. What?

However, you can easily manage without questions: use “reasons” instead of “why”, “factors” instead of “what” etc.

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