A Dissertation Report: Things You Should Know about It

dissertation reportsYou have heard something about a dissertation report, but actually, you have no idea what it is all about. Why do you have to prepare such dissertation report? How should you organize it? Is it an official requirement?
If you need answers, you are at the right place. We will briefly explain you the main aspects of dissertation reports.
The main thing you need to sort out
The main thing you should know is that a dissertation report can be referred to different things:

  1. A dissertation report may mean a kind of journal that you should complete while writing and researching. It helps to keep track of your progress, problems you face, and so on.
  2. A dissertation report may be referred to a summary of your project.
  3. Sometimes, dissertation reports are referred to the project itself.

Thus, better specify what exactly you need to do.
The second meaning of a dissertation report
We want to focus on a dissertation report as a summary of your project. Very often, students have to deal with this particular task.
There is nothing special about making such dissertation reports. In 1000-1500 words, you should introduce the main points of your work. Actually, it is not much, and you have to be precise and up to the point in your dissertation report.
The following should be included into your dissertation report:

  • the main purposes and goals of your project;
  • the most significant points in your dissertation;
  • research methods used;
  • results and findings of your work.

Do you need more information about writing a dissertation abstract or the proper dissertation structure? You can find it on our blog.

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